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From Jackss of Color Owner/Operator,
Lidell Jacksson


It seems fitting that we should provide herein the following paragraphs on SEXUAL ETIQUETTE . . . Of course we all enjoy going to the various parties that exist . . . But there are certain rules of behavior to which we should all adhere, in order to ensure that everyone has an equally good time . . . Consider the following 4 suggestions:

  • Taking No for an Answer: Let's face it, no matter how "hot" you may think you are [ or not ], you will eventually be rejected by someone . . . When that happens it's very important to respect that guy's wishes, and just leave him alone . . . Following him around, hoping he'll change his mind, is not only in most cases futile, but entirely disrespectful . . . Think about it -- if you were the one saying no, you'd want to be left alone, right? . . . Well, it works both ways.
  • Saying No Gracefully: Most guys I've seen say no to someone at parties [ and I do this myself as well ] by simply patting a guy's chest a couple of times, smiling and turning your head away -- they usually get the message . . . There is clearly no need to be nasty, hostile, insulting, turning your nose up, scrunching your face, making a noise -- any of that mess . . . Again, you wouldn't want anyone to treat you like that, so you should act accordingly . . . And if you get that "pat of rejection," just suck it up and keep walking.
  • Leaving Well Enough Alone: Sometimes there's nothing hotter than seeing 2 [ or 3, or more ] guys having a hot scene together -- just watching it can get you off . . . And for those of us who tend toward the, uh, exhibitionist side, it's a lotta fun to have a crowd watching . . . But that doesn't mean you have the right to interrupt them . . . Watching and enjoying, from a distance, is the perfect way to both respect the guys who're playing, and still enjoy yourself . . . And if they actually want you to join -- trust me, they'll let you know . . .
  • Lastly, Report It: If you're at any party and you see someone acting, shall we say, dysfunctionally, you should immediately go to the host of the party [ or one of his staffguys, if he has any ] and report the guilty party . . . It's not your job to keep him in line -- it's theirs . . .

     A few of you have occasionally mentioned to me that you sometimes have trouble connecting with men at my parties, and ensuring that your safe sex guidelines are respected . . . Well, there're a few ways to address this -- here's a couple of pieces of advice . . . First, if you wanna hook up with someone, and you let him know you wanna play safe, and he walks away, don't take it as a rejection -- just realize that it's really his loss, especially because he refused to respect your wishes . . . After all, he wants his wishes to be respected -- so why shouldn't he respect yours? [ moreover, for those of you saying no -- a simple "thanks-but-no-thanks" is so much better than walking away in judgmental scorn ] . . .

     Second, if you're one of those guys who prefers to play safely, one of the best ways to ensure this is to Buy and Bring Your Own Condoms . . . And forget those regular little ones we [ and others ] put out at parties . . . Stop off at a drug store or bodega beforehand, and buy [ preferably ] a box of Magnums [ the gold-wrapped regular ones, not the b&w extra-large ones ], and stuff some in your socks when you get to a party . . . This can have amazing benefits: hooking up with a guy, and handing him a Magnum -- let's just say that it's a nice stroke to his ego; he'll be so impressed that you think he's, uh, big, that -- well, y'know the rest . . .

We at Jackss of Color want all of our guests to have a safe and enjoyable experience at our parties & events. Please be respectful of each other and the staff as well. In a highly sexual enviroment, such as our J.O.C. parties, good manners and being respectful of each others boundries is just as important as if attending any other social event - if not more so. Thank you all for your patronage and support for the past 24 years. We hope to continue to provide our community with a safe and comfortable place were gay men can come together to commune and celebrate our sexuality and each other.

To RSVP for J.O.C. Parties


JacksOfColor@Gmail.com -or-
JJacksOfColor@aol.com -or-

THINGS TO KNOW [ Please Read All ]:

  • EVERYONE will have to sign Entry Sheets -- so PLEASE be sure to bring Picture ID when you arrive.
  • You must arrive by the appointed door closing times, or else you won't be guaranteed admission.
  • As a rule, we institute a Mandatory Streetclothes-Check -- underwear, leather, fetish gear or nudity fine -- nudity is actually preferred [ NOTE: The "Nudity-Only Policy" at "Chelsea Space" is Relaxed for REGULAR JacksS OF COLOR ATTENDEES -- New Attendees will still have to undergo the necessary dick-check upon entry. ]
  • Condoms and Lube available.
  • NO SMOKING at "Paddles."
  • Water and soda for sale at the front / free munchies will be provided as well.

Policy & Procedures

The following FOUR paragraphs are for the sake of newcomers to the "Jackss of Color" Events & Parties:

  1.      For those of you who consistently refer to Our Jackss Of Color Web-Site -- it's been revamped by Our Web-Master.. DEVON, My Web-Master for Our JacksS OF COLOR WEB-SITE, has asked me to remind everyone of the following special situation . . . It seems some of you access the site, only to discover that it hasn't been updated -- well, it has! . . . But it seems that if you access the site through INTERNET EXPLORER or MSN , you don't get the full complement of features on the site -- and sometimes, you might even be directed to a previous version of the site, especially if you have an old bookmark in your browser . . . So Devon suggests that everyone use MOZILLA FIREFOX to access the site -- for some reason, that's the most complete Internet server for viewing ALL the features on the site, including the most updated info, PLUS the location info for BOTH "Paddles" and "Chelsea Space" . . . And again, Make A New Bookmark for JacksS OF COLOR right now, while you're reading this: www.JacksSOFCOLOR.com ! . . .
  2.      "Paddles" has a NEW entrance; the adjacent parking lot has been closed in preparation for construction of a high-rise -- so the new entrance to "Paddles" is DIRECTLY on the side street [ NO LONGER in the parking lot ], and merely inches beyond the orange barrier . . . You'll see signage that says "JacksS OF COLOR HERE TONIGHT" -- and if anyone has any problems finding it, call me on my cell at 646/441-7081 . . .

  3.      A word about "Last Call" -- I never really like the practice of ending a party by turning on the lights and throwing off the music at the appointed end of the night, without any warning -- seems to have a sort of "bum's rush" aspect to it . . . So near the end of every event I'm going to make sure that My Staff will announce a 30-minute "Last Call"; I think You Guys deserve the decency of knowing how long you have to, uh, "wrap things up"! . . .

  4.      And As is our custom, the location of each Jackss Of Color Party is ALWAYS placed on the club's web-site the day before, under "Party Notices / News" . . . And if you RSVP you're already on the list, so even if you don't get a confirmation, feel free to attend anyway -- just get the location info from the web-site, and be sure to come before the door closing . . . [ As a rule of thumb, it's always a good idea to check the web-site before coming anyway, just in case there's a last-minute change or cancellation -- it happens. ] . . . Lastly, feel free to call me on my cell -- 646/441-7081 -- during any party, in case you get lost, have to come late, etc. . . .